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Blauw water

The name of the fashion label is inspired by my mom's name Monique. She is a strong, courageous woman that I look up to. In 2014, she lost a daughter to melanoma cancer. In 2017 came my diagnosis of breast cancer. MOONICA unites our names. Together we want to be a source of inspiration with the motto: continue to believe in life, keep hope, dare to dream and above all enjoy life...


My passion

After my cancer diagnosis, I felt like a second chance. I now want to make full use of this when designing collections.... Thanks to my experience with chemotherapy, I know very well the needs, the needs and the impact of such a radical treatment on your life. So with my designs I want to target a wide audience as well as customers with special clothing needs, be it because of cancer or another illness.   

Our Vision  

carefully design a fun, trendy FEEL GOOD collection that exudes ' feeling good in your own skin '. Beautiful, well-fitting clothing that makes you feel good and better. The collection is intended for women who love fashion, style, playfulness, good humor, who dare and can be different. In short, a mix of cool romance, elegance and comfort.


Our mission

to give you a good and beautiful feeling so that you shine like a sun again. Putting a radiant smile on your face, that's what we do it for, in our way every day. We want to take care of your mental health in a positive way.  The collections will be easy to wear in everyday life, on occasions, visits to hospital, friends among each other, while working from home, or just because you like it, cool and cool....       

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