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Blauw water
"During my intensive breast cancer treatment(2017), the idea grew more and more to design my own collection.
I heard from the hospital staff and fellow sufferers that there was a need for cool, elegant, trendy clothing that above all is very comfortable to wear and feel. 
As a designer for a Belgian brand label, I stepped out of the rat race. I started my own fashion label MOONICA, with an eye on humanity, kindness, understanding, respect and where the care for one's inside and outside is central. 
With much love & passion I design exclusive, elegant, comfortable tailor-made clothing & lingerie for women of all ages.
With care I choose quality fabrics in beautiful, trendy colors. Making cool combinations in colors, patterns, fabrics, models I find particularly inspiring.I just love challenges... 😉 
MOONICA is a "slow fashion" fashion label. This means that the collection is made in small editions or custom made in our own workshop.This makes the collection more exclusive, environmentally friendly, contemporary and easily accessible to everyone. 
Want to give a nice gift to someone special ?With pleasure I make a unique stuffed friends for children on demand, playful bracelets ... for you.
In daily life I am the proud mom of 2 handsome sons and enjoy my regained life to the fullest 😘😍🥰
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