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May 5, 2017, on my mother's birthday, my world was turned upside down: I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer at an early stage. After my breast conserving surgery, I underwent the full treatment trproject withchemo, radiation and herceptin. My little tumor was hormone and protein sensitive. I am still taking an anti-hormone treatment.... 


NaturallyI am a positive person, a go-getter. Still, it was very hard to accept that because of the intensive, long-term treatment had affected my concentration and quick thinking. DThe unpredictable 'fatigue' attacks, the memory that no longer cooperates, physical discomfort,... made me realize the following. If I wanted to keep my passion for designing and being creative, I would have to give my life a different direction... 


supportedthrough my family and the hospital staff, I accepted the challenge to give a new, meaningful turn to my '2nd chance' in life. They stimulated me to combine my years of experience as a fashion designer and the experience of cancer treatment, to come up with and develop a concept. It gave me the necessary distraction, courage, boost and comfort during the rather long road to recovery.

This experiencehas also made me discover that there is a roaring lioness hiding inside me that really wants to go for it. And it is precisely that strength that I want to use to encourage 'fellow sufferers' in a positive way and to give them courage to keep fighting, to find the inner lioness within them.


During my treatment processof breast cancer, I missed finding fun, cool headgear that wasn't recognizable from afar, as well as clothes that made me feel both feminine and comfortable. It became the trigger to realize my forgotten dream. Launching your own clothing line. 


My years of experienceas a fashion designer at a Belgian fashion brand and passion, I like to use it to design a modern, feminine and comfortable collection that is easily accessible to women of all ages. Also for women with specific clothing needs. A collection that is easy to wear in everyday life, on occasions, parties or just at home because you like it, cool and fun.....

The trendy collectionconsists of sensual custom bras, comfortable clothing such as trousers, cool t-shirts, nice dresses, feminine tops, stylish blouses in combination with trendy headgear such as soft hats, cool bandanas, all in sustainable qualities.

The characteristics MOONICA collection are durable, affordable, timeless, comfortable, feminine, playful and trendy. The main pillars of the MOONICA team are accessibility, respect, openness, honesty, listening and having fun. In time I want to become an established value in the Belgian fashion landscape.

'Feel Good on your own way'. Lread more vision.


MOONICAis a feminine, cool feel-good collection for women of all ages who are looking for trendy, comfortable clothing that fits their lifestyle and personality.  

It is importantthat you feel good and better in our beautiful, well-fitting collection. We can also make custom clothing and lingerie from our collection to cover specific clothing needsappointment in our studio/shop in Oosterzele

With careI choose beautiful, high-quality and easy-care materials & fabrics with respect for the environment. With fresh, feminine prints, beautiful color combinations, a touch of good humor, I want to make every woman shine.....

We lovenew challenges. We enjoy helping to search and find a solution.There are also new, cool projects coming my way where I make the designs for fun children's hats, lingerie for stoma wearers, tailor-made pants,... Also a project or question? Contact us without obligation.

Our collectionyou can buy through our online shop, events we participate in, creative workshops we organize or justby appointment in our shop/atelier in Oosterzele. 

Because I fully finance the collection myself and a lot of resources are needed for its realization, I build it  is slowly building up to a full-fledged fashion collection. Thanks for your understanding.

Embrace your inner lioness.


Within me there was a roaring lioness who really wanted to go for it. 
Also find your inner lioness with Moonica.”
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