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Fashion show Londerzeel
June 23, 2022

Fashion show summer22 was a nice, cozy end to the season.


An evening full of information, facts, conviviality, joy and fun.


Thanks to the municipal council of Londerzeel for organizing this evening.... 


Fashion show Londerzeel
June 23, 2022

Fashion show summer22 was a nice, cozy end to the season.


An evening full of information, facts, conviviality, joy and fun.


Thanks to the municipal council of Londerzeel for organizing this evening.... 


Fashion show Londerzeel
June 23, 2022

Fashion show summer22 was a nice, cozy end to the season.


An evening full of information, facts, conviviality, joy and fun.


Thanks to the municipal council of Londerzeel for organizing this evening.... 


Preview Fashion Show
April 2022

Summer colors, own designs in the making.....


Custom push-up bra!
February 2022

First custom push-up bra is out the door. The comfort bra is made without underwire, which improves wearing comfort.  

Also interested? Would you like more information?

Do not hesitate to contact us without obligation by mail or mobile phone


New Year Wishes 2022
December 2021

2022 will be a year full of creativity, new challenges, beautiful collections, creative workshops, ...

Nieuwjaar 2022-03-02-01.jpg

Event Ladies Night with Boezemvriendin UZGent
14 Oktober 2021

Very first event with Fashion Show after corona at UZGent.  

It was heartwarming to see each other again, the fun workshops, getting acquainted with fun projects... It was a very pleasant evening together. Worth repeating!!!!

More info about upcoming events....

Event-Modeshow-uzgent-lotgenoten-met-boezemvriendin-gent 1.jpg

Creation for a party.
July 2021

Preview of our summer collection 2022 Discover the spirit behind the collection.


Proud of signboard MOONICA. May 2021

Our publicity board is finally up. From now on we are easily recognizable from the street. You are always welcome in my shop/studio in Oosterzele by appointment. You can easily fit it without obligation...


Available Soon

Custom Comfort Bra

Made in Belgium 02/21

Our collection is being expanded with my own designed sensual comfort bra 'LINA' .  Our creations are beautiful, feminine and pleasant to wear. After an extensive study, we  Model 'LINA' enthusiastically received and worn by various test persons.  

Each comfort bra is exclusively made to measure, in Belgium and in high-quality materials that are easy to maintain.  

Read more...  


Mouth caps for healthcare, patients

and companies

Our mouth caps, made by label MOONICA,  are donated and distributed by Vzw Beautiful after Breast Cancer to  different breast clinics in Flanders.  


Fellow sufferer group Lenabeau donates  and distributes the mouth caps  also among its members and   hospitals.


Our mouth caps are received with great enthusiasm and that's what we do it for. Help each other.  Nice initiative!!!   

follow us

Artikel over mondkapjes

Atmospheric video Fashion show She and Her 5/12/19

Taste the atmosphere of  cozy evenings among friends organized by women for women with a snack and drink. Would you like to be there? Quickly discover our wide range of Spring Fashion Shows for the coming spring Events


Info Lymphedema + Fashionshow 5/11/2019

Het Majin Huis Ghent 

Pleasant information evening with a snack &  drink organized by the meeting house Het Majin Huis in collaboration with Moonica and Neliane. After the instructive lecture by experience expert Karine Tollenaere regarding awareness of lymphedema, there was a fashion show. Talking in a relaxed way  to be felt and fitted in in a warm, friendly and cozy environment. 

Vrouwen Modeshow

Kom op Tegen Kanker

JanPalfijn Ghent 17/10/19

Day against cancer was all about exercise after treatment and lymphedema.  

We were allowed to be present with our stand with the new collection. Thank you for the many positive responses we have received.

Stand event ziekenhuis

Child Cancer Fund

UZ Ghent 14/09/19

Where: Mariagaard in Wetteren

Every year a tour is organized in which cancer patients  are allowed to ride with volunteers in a unique vehicle. This year was  it's the turn of modern tractors. It was a great success, 120 tractors took part and gave the children a unique experience during a tour of 2 hours. My youngest son was happy to do his part as a driver. Very nice initiative!!!


Event 'Borst Vooruit'

05/02/19 Bruges

Interesting information evening about the latest evolution in the treatment of lymphedema or better known as a thick arm or leg.  organized by fellow sufferers' group Borst Vooruit. Physiotherapist Philippe De Paepe spoke, he explained this in a beautiful, relaxing way. Learned a lot and shared experiences in a beautiful setting. Thank you for letting us be there.


Agenda 2019

Spring calendar  available!

More details what, where and who will follow. love us  closely monitor!   Find out more at Events.


First Ladies Night

22/11/18 Lokeren

Together with Moonica, Neliane, Huis Feys and Ma'Donna we organized a Fashion Show with a snack and a drink! It is  turned out to be a fun, successful, warm evening. Worth repeating.  


Event - Fashion Show 18/10/18

Discover the atmospheric images, video, Link news flash ,  of our successful fashion show . Thanks to our cool mannequins with a story. The program of Jan Palfijn in Ghent was chosen by Frank Deboosere to visit in the context of 'beautiful projects' around Cancer.  We were also very honored to have Lieve Blancquaert  and Davina Simons at this event. 



Our first collection is ready!

Our  hand-made hats in natural, ecological fabrics are  order online or for sale at e events.   



The realization, development and manufacture of the collection takes place in a sustainable and respectful manner  way.



support our project and contribute to our seed capital. Buy one of our multifunctional ponchos, available in different colours. 

Front Poncho.png


Together with fellow sufferer Karine Tollenaere  

we join forces to realize both projects MOONICA & Neliane (collection for edema - ).

Karine + logo.png

Fashion show Londerzeel
June 23, 2022

Fashion show summer22 was a nice, cozy end to the season.


An evening full of information, facts, conviviality, joy and fun.


Thanks to the municipal council of Londerzeel for organizing this evening.... 


Fashion show Londerzeel
June 23, 2022

Fashion show summer22 was a nice, cozy end to the season.


An evening full of information, facts, conviviality, joy and fun.


Thanks to the municipal council of Londerzeel for organizing this evening.... 


Fashion show Relive & Experience May 21, 2022

New silhouettes for the Fashion Show.

Always welcome at events or appointments.


Interview Life KOTK
March 2022

Thanks to the magazine Leven 'April 2022 edition' of Kom op tegen Kanker, I can positively inspire others with my story and passion!

Are you triggered to read the beautiful interview?  Go to the link below

or subscribe to the free magazine via , which is published every 3 months.

This magazine contains very fascinating and instructive stories as well as useful information. You are not alone...

Magazine- Leven-kom-op-tegen-kanker-interview-annick-persoons.PNG

Creative workshops
January 2022

We are preparing plenty of fun creative workshops where you can learn new things, meet people, get useful tips & tricks, ..., with a  snack and a drink...

Interested? Keep an eye on our facebook page or sign up for our newsletter....

See you soon!!!



Between fear and hope Breast cancer Flanders
Nov 20, 2021

Nice event with workshops, informative

lectures organized by Breast Cancer Flanders in the Flemish Brabant Provincial House in Leuven.

All fellow sufferers and groups of fellow sufferers were welcome from 9 am to 4 pm. Moonica was allowed to participate with a stand during this interesting day.


Design ComfortBH August 2021

Full design and preparation of the new collection of beautiful, sensual comfort bras. Looking forward to new colors. Keep an eye on our shop...


New! ComfortBra with closure back. June 2021

In addition to our comfort bra with a closure at the front, we have also developed the comfort bra with a closure at the back.  

Read more....


Yes! Shop is ready in Oosterzele! April 2021

You can now easily try on our collection in our shop with fitting room.  You can always fit easily and without obligation in our large fitting room... in Oosterzele by appointment.

Mail :

cell phone  : 0472 99 41 08

Discover more about the collection....

New in our collection

November 2020

In addition to our trendy mouth caps, we now also make fun, original t-shirts  with application and fantasy ribbon on the sleeve. Available in different winter colors.

By the purchase  of a trendy   sponsor a t-shirt or bracelet  you the development and prototypes of  a sexy, comfortable breast form bra with front closure.

Thank you for that. I am very happy that I can use my passion and skills to develop a beautiful collection  for every woman with a question within a trendy fashion label.



Elegant - Re-usable Cotton Mouth caps

Made in Belgium 03/20

Due to the exceptional time around COVID-19 + the need for cool, elegant and reusable mouth caps, I have a beautiful 100% cotton  connectable  mouth cap designed  with opening for a filter. Face masks are available in uni colors and trendy prints for men, women and children. Shop

Vrouw maakt mondmaskers

 Article Newspaper HLN 08/11/2019 

Huis Feys puts collections for women with and after cancer in the spotlight, article written by  

Yannick De Spiegeleir. Link article HLN

Organisators event

Week of Belgian 

fashion  2019

Moonica and Neliane take part in the Belgian Fashion Week together. View the photos on instagram #weekvdbemode . We are very proud of the result. Please more info, don't hesitate and contact us via 

Modefoto vrouw

Fabrics for the new collection

For the autumn there will be a new collection of hats, bandanas in nice winter colors. 


Finally Me-Time

28/05/19 Atelier Moonica 

Nice cozy evening  among women in my studio in Oosterzele. With a snack and drink you could get acquainted with the collection and the workings behind the scenes of the label. on such a  Finally Me-Time evening  come too  next items  offer  :   massage, shawl knots, style advice, .. Would you like to attend? Keep an eye on it under the Events section and reserve a place.


Article in Sorop News Belgium 11/01/19

Top! Unexpected  a nice, beautiful article appeared in the newspaper Sorop News Belgium, a global voice for women. Our projects that we started after cancer are put in the spotlight to serve as inspiration for others! 


Event LenaBeau

24/11/18 Aalst

First participation of  Moonica at an event organized by peer group LenaBeau for fellow sufferers. You could go there in a nice casual way  browse and inform a wide range of participants.

You can also get to know our team at the following events in 2019.  


First Prototypes Special Earrings

Order silver earrings via  shop or upcoming events.  


Upcomming - Fashion Show 18/10/18

On this 'Come on against Cancer' day, we are organizing a fashion show in the Jan Palfijn hospital  Ghent.

Welcome to this  day full of activities, workshops and photo session with

Dear Blancquaert. 

Foto Studio Lights


The MOONICA . collection  will be expanded in the future with a nice, trendy clothing line for everyone  fashion-savvy  female.  



The diagnosis of 'cancer' was the green light for me to change my life. Partly because of my  years of experience as a stylist, I discovered more than ever, also among fellow sufferers, the need and need for beautiful, trendy headwear and nice, comfortable clothing. My experience and energy  I use to realize this under the Moonica label.



Thanks to the many people who voluntarily support this project. Thank you! 

Vrouwen Hands Holding
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